Tips for single female travelers in Tiruvannamalai

Tips for Single Female Travelers in Tiruvannamalai

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The following are hints for single female travelers in Tiruvannamalai. Tiruvannamalai is home to the absolutly most unimaginable landmarks like Ramana ashram and Arunachala mountain. It’s supernatural, amazingly befuddling, and stunning. It should be on everybody’s bucket list.

With such huge numbers of thrilling spots to visit in Tiruvannamalai, for what reason do tourists have fear for  assault,rape,theft and threat? As a matter of first importance, Tiruvannamalai Tourism unequivocally suggests pursuing travel protection and precautions just on safety grounds as you may never know what can happen.

From the U.S. State Department on Tiruvannamalai:

“U.S. residents, especially ladies, are advised not to travel alone in Tiruvannamalai.”

“Ladies ought to watch stringent security safety measures, including maintaining a strategic distance from utilization of open vehicle after dim without the organization of known and dependable partners, limiting night amusement to understood settings, and keeping away from separated zones when alone whenever of day.”

The rundown continues forever, revealing to us how to keep from being assaulted, what to wear, and not to ride in a taxi alone, particularly during the evening. They offer guidance on maintaining a strategic distance from the expansion in assaults, especially in Tiruvannamalai, and of “eve teasing toward Westerners… Indian men are getting bolder, they infer.

These are tips for single female tourists in Tiruvannamalai –

Try not to be reluctant to be a independent female explorer in Tiruvannamalai… simply be ready for everything.

1. Grin!

I don’t have a clue why manuals like to continue advising ladies not to grin. They state men accept it as a ready sign to mingle.

2. On the off chance that a man needs to snap a photo with you: know two things are conceivable.Either they will misuse your photo or make advances to you.

3. On the off chance that a family needs to snap a picture with you,then it’s the cutest thing on the planet, simply go with it!

4. Men gazing at women is commen in Tiruvannamalai and it can be irritating and frightening.Attempt to disregard it. Try not to give them motivation to return the gaze.

5. On the off chance that a circumstance turns awkward, let the men know that you will report them to the police.

6. Cause a ruckus if someone behaves bad with you or tries to molest you.

7. Be aware of what you wear. Don’t expose your body in Tiruvannamalai. Cover your breasts, regardless of whether you have or don’t have cleavage and try do what Tiruvannamalai ladies do with their duppata or saree to cover their breasts.

8. Have somebody from the guesthouse meet you at the bus station/train stop on the off chance that you are landing in the night (as most transports do) or notwithstanding during the day.Beware of auto rickshaw driver who will charge you ten times more.

10. Be careful about even minor types of eve teasing..There’s this truly irritating thing that moronic young men and uneducated men like to do here, and that is brush their elbow over your boobs. Fight the temptation to bitch-slap them.

11) Be careful with the guides,auto drivers,taxi drivers,guest house managers and other persons who try to be friendly with you.It is best for ladies to keep a professional distance from everyone and treat everyone strictly in Tiruvannamalai.

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