Bike rentals in Tiruvannamalai helps foreign tourists to travel cheap in Tiruvannamalai

Most western tourists prefer to travel on bike rentals and scooter rentals in Tiruvanamalai.

Tiruvannamalai Tourism gives you the right input on the rental bike situations and experiences in Tiruvannamalai.

This is a first hand report from a Italian female tourist in Tiruvannamalai who had rented a scooter in Tiruvannamalai for 2 weeks and here she shares her experiences on traveling on rental bikes in Tiruvannamalai.

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As I was arranging my first outing to Tiruvanamalai,India, numerous companions had given loads of tips and recommendations on sight seeing spots to visit in Tiruvannamalai and how. In contrast to most urban areas, Tiruvanamalai doesn’t have a solid open transportation system of trains and transports, so getting around in Tiruvanamalai is a worry. Tiruvanamalai isn’t little place like Goa where everything can be secured by walking. From north to south and east to west, Tiruvanamalai is around 15 kms  of enormous rural zone with spots of intrigue spread all around the town. Contracting taxi in Tiruvannamalai is an alternative which most sightseers do, yet taxicabs cost parcel of cash and charge too much for foreign tourists I was considering what might be the most ideal approach to move around, without spending a fortune. My friends in Tiruvannamalai then suggested that  i can  rent and drive a rental bike in Tiruvannamalai. I adore it when I can drive to the spots myself. With autos and taxis being excessively costly, I needed to investigate the following suitable option lease a bike and drive myself.

Driving in an outside nation has its own dangers

We should rent our bikes in Tiruvannamalai from a profoundly  dependable bike rental organization. There will be numerous roadside shops renting bikes and charging extra money.So be careful when renting bikes in Tiruvannamalai.Fortunately Indian Driver License is sufficient to drive in Tiruvannamalai, they drive on the left half of the street simply as we do and driving style is really comparative loads of bikes and autos. I felt that driving around without anyone else is the most ideal way out, so began searching for alternatives. Google search uncovered a few famous alternatives, I settled with Bhagavan scooter Rentals on account of following reasons

– Their rental rates were one of the least expensive

– The booking process was hassle free

–  Search in google for Bike rental choices in Tiruvanamalai appraised Bhagavan scooter rentals exceptionally high.

– The scooters were all new.

Having chosen the office, I needed to pick a rental scooter from them. Tiruvannamalai Bike Rentals have free conveyance and pickup around Ramana Ashram and Arunachala mountain. Bhagavan scooter rentals was cool and rest of the procedure went well.I was informed about the vehicle, indicated medical aid unit, fuel tank was opened and appeared to me that it is full to the overflow and I was a great idea to go. Every current scratches were all around archived.

All over Tiruvanamalai there are several shops offering vehicles and bicycles on rental, however it is dangerous to rent from shops which don’t have English talking staff, which don’t have clear approaches and a notoriety to ensure.

If it’s not too much trouble note that there are a couple of disadvantages/constraints of riding around in a bike rental in Tiruvanamalai that you ought to know about.

– Be cautious about solid  dust and crosswinds. Substantial breeze can hurl you off the street especially valid on the old town roads.On the off chance that breeze is excessively solid, either stop and pause or ride in a gathering/alongside different riders, with the goal that somebody will see in the event that you lose balance.

– The main roads are 75% pleasant and smooth, yet be set up for infrequent potholes, terrible clumps or abrupt hindrances. Try not to underestimate the street, look after vigil. It is enticing to accelerate on the slopes and the interstates, yet danger of mishap additionally increments exponentially-you should realize what speed is sheltered in what conditions. Continuously remain on the more secure point of confinement. The danger of a harmed vehicle and mishap/damage does not merit the rush of a couple of extra kmph.

– Space is restricted, so you’ve to convey your stuff with you. I discovered it is entirely protected to leave the head protector and water bottle on the bicycle unguarded-nobody removed it. Yet at the same time alert is exhorted.

– Though I didn’t confront any punctured tire issue or a breakdown, be set up for the hazard especially when you are investigating northern part in the slopes without such a large number of shops/individuals around

– Most riders obey rules and are cautious, however incidentally expect some biker attempting to crush through a difficult situation or surpassing from wrong side.



Notice that Tiruvannamalai Bike Rental office timing is 9 AM till 5 PM. Outside of these hours getting help will be troublesome. Try not to wander out excessively a long way from city late in the night.

To a great many people, leasing a motorbike in Tiruvanamalai seems like a fabulous thought. It is a fun method to get around, that is without a doubt. Sometimes, it may be the main route for you get around. It’s either lease a motorbike or shell out for costly cabs.

Leasing a motorbike in Tiruvannamalai may be fun, however we can’t pressure the significance of recognizing what you’re doing. Some cautious arranging can go far in keeping your experience catastrophe free.

We’ve leased bikes in various nations and had no issues. In this way, we offer you our best counsel to ensure your rental goes as easily as would be prudent.

Never give your identification as a store!

Our main tip for ripping a motorbike in Tiruvanamalai is to never utilize your identification as a store. A few shops will request that you do this, say no. You hazard having it held as a payment in the event that you return the bicycle with even a minor issue.

Regularly, they’ll acknowledge either a photocopy or a money store. On the off chance that they demand taking your visa proceed onward and locate another rental shop.

Research neighborhood rental shops

Before you consider leasing a bike consistently research shops in your area. Basic google searches can furnish you with data on great and awful shops to lease from.

The web based assessing industry is enormous for an explanation, it’s significant! Use it to further your potential benefit. You’d be astonished what number of little stores have surveys on locales like TripAdvisor or on google audits!

Take photos of the bicycle

Before you ride away, consistently inquire as to whether the bike has any known issues. Take whatever number photographs or recordings as could be allowed featuring all the harm you can discover. Ensure the lighting is great so you can obviously observe every one of the imprints.

This can go about as a protection approach for yourself when restoring the bicycle. You don’t need them to blame you for further harming their vehicle.

Check everything works

Once more, before you leave the shop check everything is working! Everything from the front light, markers, brakes, wing mirrors (some of the time they are free), seat lock and so forth.

You ought to consistently inquire as to whether you can give the bicycle a test ride outside the shop to check for these issues.

Check the fuel measure

This is a significant senseless tip however significant, in any case. When leasing a bike in Southeast Asia, don’t accept you’ll be getting a bicycle with a full tank. Regularly, they are very dry.

We once neglected to do this and following 20 minutes we understood that our fuel measure was genuinely red covering. Fortunately, we made it to the service station, however you may not!

Know about where you can refuel

Continuously ask the rental shop where you can get more fuel. In Bali for instance, each other shop sells fuel in old vodka bottles. It’s absolutely authentic and safe to utilize. However, nothing of the sort can be found in Malaysia, just huge service stations.

Know about this and remember it during a long experience. Coming up short on fuel is in no way enjoyable.


Try not to tell bicycle shop where you’re remaining

You can call us overcautious, however we never tell the bicycle shop where we are remaining. We have heard loathsomeness tales about bikes being taken from outside inns.

It’s later been discovered/suspected the proprietors take the bicycles before requesting an extortionate charge to supplant it.

Clearly, this is a trick and doesn’t occur regularly, however we take the ‘better to be as cautious as possible’ approach.

Deal at the cost of your rental

Like most different things, motorbike rentals in Tiruvanamalai can be dicounted for. In case you’re leasing for a week or a month, don’t stop for a second in requesting a less expensive day by day cost.

Ensure you can get protective caps

Before you give anything and hand up any cash, ensure the bicycle shop will furnish you with protective caps. They may request a little additional expense or store. Pay it!

On the off chance that you ride helmetless you’re placing your life in peril and making yourself an obvious objective for the police. The neighborhood specialists will stop and fine any visitors who disrupt this norm.

Peruse the tenant agreement

Ensure you read that agreement your marking. Inquire as to whether the bicycle is guaranteed in the event that you have a mishap. A few shops give you the decision of paying somewhat extra with the goal that the bicycle is secured against harm.

Regardless of whether you need to pay the extra is up to you. Despite the fact that it’s in every case best to comprehend the circumstance before leasing the bicycle.



Now enjoy your travel in Tiruvannamalai on your bike rentals and avoid paying unfair prices with autos and taxi in Tiruvannamalai.

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