Tips on Hiking in Arunachala mountain in Tiruvannamalai

New to hiking in Tiruvannamalai? Welcome! We at Tiruvannamalai Tours are here to help you. We need every tourist in Tiruvannamalai to have a great time, appreciate the outside, and commend our association with nature and our selves.

Prior to going on a hike in Tiruvannamalai, make a point to pack these Hiking Essentials as climate and trail conditions can change at any second in Tiruvannamalai. In the event that you are climbing alone, if it’s not too much trouble educate somebody regarding where you’re going and when you intend to return. Furthermore, consistently practice the seven standards of Leave No Trace while hiking in Tiruvannamalai.

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Hiking Essentials in Tiruvannamalai

Route: It’s significant that you do your exploration before climbing Arunachala hill. I look at a few sources before I head on a climb to Arunachala mountain. There are numerous online sources and books accessible on climbing in a particular region. Data with respect to trail length, rise addition, and whatever else you should know about (spring intersections, creatures) is crucial in your delight in climbing the Arunachala moubtain. It’s a good thought to make screen efforts on your telephone of driving bearings and trail maps. Also, it’s ideal to have a printed duplicate in your pack of that data in the event that anything ought to happen to your telephone. You can likewise copy the pages from the climbing book you use. I additionally check late path reports, converse with woodland/park officers, and research the climate for the day of the climb.

Dress/Footwear: When I initially began hiking in Tiruvannamalai I wore exercise garments and tennis shoes, which worked entirely fine when I was a tenderfoot. As I climbed more of Arunachala hill and realized that climbing would have been a genuine enormous piece of my life, I understood having climbing boots would be increasingly agreeable, offer lower leg support and keep our feet dry in the stormy months. They state that cotton slaughters in the forested areas. Which essentially implies cotton gets wet (from sweat, downpour) effectively, sets aside a long effort to dry, and can cause hypothermia. As a day explorer in Tiruvannamalai, it won’t be an immense issue however for your own solace search for garments that is wicking: fleece, silk or manufactured texture. A rundown of our fave independent venture active wear/gear organizations:  I additionally find that sun caps (wide edge or baseball) give us more security from the sun and make climbs throughout the mid year months cooler and increasingly pleasant in the winter as a shield from the downpour.

Day pack: There are such a large number of alternatives for climbing day packs with Tiruvannamalai Tours. Fit is key in being agreeable while climbing. Head to your nearby private venture open air retailer (bolster the independent companies on the off chance that you can!

Water: Hydrate the night prior to a climb, on the drive to the Arunachala girivalam road, during the climb, and after. I carry a gallon of water to leave in the vehicle to finish off water bottles before and after climbs. Most day explorers who aren’t sifting water should convey in any event 3-4 litres of water  contingent upon the length of the climb and how hot it is outside.

Tidbits/Food: Trail blend, protein jerky, granola bars, dried organic product, nut margarine parcels. On longer climbs we put together a lunch of cold pasta serving of mixed greens or a sandwich when camp while hiking in Aruachala

Camera: Smart telephones take staggeringly great photographs nowadays and they are light and simple to get to. On the off chance that you bring a computerized camera, think about a waterproof, cushioned sack to protect it while climbing Arunachala hill as there are amazing view points.

Little fundamental things: Small emergency treatment unit, headlamp/electric lamp, folding knife, bathroom tissue, a little rubbish sack  to pack out the entirety of your waste and find any path junk you go over, tampon/maxi cushion, chap stick, sunscreen, shades, bug shower, fire (matches/lighter), hand sanitizer, remedy eye wear, individual locator reference point (in case you’re climbing alone in remote zones.)

Money/ID: Likewise, you may need an after climb nibble/dinner in a town close by! I generally slip my IDs in my pack also and leave our wallets at home.

After Hike Self Care Items: Leave flip flounders (your irritated climbing feet will thank you!), dry garments (during the stormy season), additional water and snacks in a cooler in your vehicle.

Trail Etiquette in Tiruvannamalai

Tiruvannamalai Tours offers all the information you need on the best way to keep up your best possible behavior in the outside.


The not really marvelous side of climbing is the point at which you must utilize the washroom. We certainly don’t perceive any Instagram posts about that! From the outset, crapping in the forested areas can appear to be an odd and testing idea, yet it just takes a little practice. What’s more, it’s truly not unreasonably terrible. Here’s an extraordinary article to kick you off and keep you educated.So how to pee and crap in the forested areas. Ordinarily, we utilize the cathole technique to cover crap and utilize white, non-perfumed biodegradable bathroom tissue. Remember that when crapping or peeing in the forested areas that the standard guideline is to remain 100 feet from camps, water sources, and trails in Tiruvannamalai.

 Note – Lately the Tiruvannamalai administration has banned hiking on Arunachala mountain

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