Hotel Safety Tips For Women Traveling Alone in Tiruvannamalai

Tips From Tiruvannamalai Tourism For Women travelers in Tiruvannamalai –

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Voyaging alone in Tiruvannamalai can be an exceptionally compensating knowledge. You eat what you need, where you need and when you need. You see just the attractions that intrigue you. You move at your own pace, comply with your very own impulses and set your very own guidelines.

The negative side of solo travel in Tiruvannamalai, obviously, is security and safety. Ladies particularly should remember a lot of straightforward rules when adventuring alone in Tiruvannamalai.

Stay in a government registered hotel or guest house .A decent spot to begin is your hotel or guest house security. Be mindful and careful, especially when investigating a new area or using a new foundation. Upscale lodgings in Tiruvannamalai are normally genuinely secure, however it never damages to avoid potential risk.

Here are few imperative tips from Tiruvannamalai Tourism for remaining safe in guest houses, hotels and lodgings in Tiruvannamalai

1. Do your study

What sort of wrongdoing is regular in the zone? Is there a psychological rowdy risk? Are voyagers and ladies continuous targets? Learning is control. Know the full degree of your circumstance before making a plunge, and make certain to look into well being tips explicit to your goal.

2. Pick an appropriate lodging

The solitary best safeguard system is to choose a protected lodging. Inspect the neighbors around your goal. Tiruvannamalai has its undesirable areas. Keep in mind: area, area, area. Commentators frequently remark on the security of the lodging and its encompassing environs.

3. Call ahead

Before you book, call the inn and ask about the hotels safety and security measures. Get some information about security watchmen and observation cameras and whether the front work area is kept an eye on day in and day out.

4. Try not to remain on the ground floor or any floor that is vacant and lonely.The ground floor is the least demanding to access for non-visitors and gatecrashers. Request a room a couple of floors up–however not very high if there should be an occurrence of a fire or cataclysmic event.

5. Have the front work area worker record your room number as opposed to report it resoundingly.You don’t need anybody to catch where you’re remaining. In the event that they do say it, demand another room and have them work it out this time.

6. Remain with your gear all through the registration procedure.Try not to get occupied and walk out on it. When addressing the front work area representative, place it among yourself and the work area.

7. Request a couple business cards when you check in.Keep one by your inn telephone if there should be an occurrence of a crisis, and keep one in your satchel or wallet while you’re all over the place. You would prefer not to overlook where you’re remaining!

8. Review the room before you unload, review the space to ensure all windows and entryways have working locks.

9. Keep the entryway bolted.This is an easy decision, yet it tends to be anything but difficult to overlook. Make a propensity for locking your entryway when you go into the room. Continuously utilize the deadbolt and security chain paying little mind to how exorbitant it might appear.

10. Try not to open the entryway to outsiders.It might be more subtle, in any case, if the more abnormal professes to be a lodging representative. In case you’re not anticipating anybody, call the front work area to confirm. When you do open the entryway, keep the security chain drew in until you’re sure beyond a shadow of a doubt.

11. Check the locks on all windows and entryways each time you go into and leave the room

12. However much as could be expected, keep away from hotel staffs.On the off chance that fundamental, require a worker to go with you to and from your vehicle. You need to limit time in unbound conditions. For instance, in case you’re sitting tight for taxi, remain in your entryway until it shows up.


13. Try not to leave money, Master cards, adornments or other significant sitting out

14. Leave incredibly significant things with the front work area.Numerous inns don’t acknowledge risk for things left in guestroom safes. Get a composed receipt for anything you leave at the work area.

15. To dissuade burglary, give the deception that somebody is in the room when you go out.

16) Don’t give your phone number to anyone.

17) Don’t add any odd acquaintances to your FB account

Try not to make public your room number. You don’t need the world to know you’re individually, and that you’re in Room 1110. That likewise means holding your voice down in case you’re talking about your whereabouts on your cellphone.

Search for the fire exits. The primary thing to do when you check in is to tally the means from my space to the closest fire exit, and remember the left and right turns. In a crisis, I most likely wouldn’t think straight. What’s more, when you are in the room, take a look at the emergency exit plan on the back of the entryway (even better, snap an image with your telephone).

First thing, check out your room – and that implies washroom, behind the window ornament, inside any storage rooms and behind entryways to see if any hidden camera is there.

Abstain from being seen entering and disregarding your inn. Hang tight for other people and simply exit with them.

In case you’re remaining in an especially downmarket spot – it could occur, particularly in case you’re voyaging long haul – check for peepholes.You likely won’t be in this circumstance however it’s in every case great to recognize what can occur.Always check this if you are in some cheap hotel or cheap room in Tiruvannamalai.

Voyaging solo  in Tiruvannamalai just means including that one additional drop of alert.Your lodging security precautionary measures will rely upon the sort of inn you’re visiting.

In case you’re in a five-star lodging, with room telephones, smoke alarms and 24-hour monitors, your security stresses will be significantly less but if you are staying in a cheap guesthouse or cheap hotel women must be always vigilant in Tiruvannamalai.


Most importantly, trust your impulses. On the off chance that the guesthouse or inn doesn’t ‘feel right’, and this particularly occurs towards the lower end of the scale, simply leave. A lot of others are competing for your business.


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