General Tipping information for tourists visiting Tiruvannamalai

Tourists to Tiruvannamalai is ever increasing and many tourists to Tiruvannamalai are confused about what to tip and who to tip while visiting Tiruvannamalai. Giving out Tips in Tiruvannamalai when you on a tour might be a convention in Tiruvannamalai, however Indians are not known to be liberal with tips. Also, even the individuals who are happy to leave that little token of gratefulness behind are not exceptionally clear about the amount to give. Here we reveal to you when to tip, the amount to tip, and when you should not tip.

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Cafés in Tiruvannamalai –

Waiters in fine dinning-  10 %

Waiter (buffet): 10%, pre-charge

Take Out helpers – 10% for additional help (control conveyance) or a huge, entangled request

Home Delivery:  Rs 50 for grocery conveyance relying upon the size of the request and trouble of conveyance

Taxi Drivers  – Rs 100 for long drives and Rs 50 for short drive

Auto Drivers – No tips

Bathroom Attendant: Rs 10 contingent upon the degree of administration

Valet: Rs 50. Tip when the vehicle is come back to you.

Watchmen – Rs 10

Do not give tips to beggars in the name of charity.

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