Tiruvannamalai tourism shuts down all tourist spots in Tiruvannamalai due to Coronavirus scare

Tiruvannamalai tourism has completely slowed down as the government asks all places of tourist interests in Tiruvannamalai to shut down and avoid visitors and travelers wanting to vacation in Tiruvannamalai. All sight seeing places in Tiruvannamalai are shut down due to the fear of Coronavirus.

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Tiruvannamalai was shut down for 14 hours on Sunday to restrict the quick spreading coronavirus scourge in the indian nation, where 315 individuals have so far been found to have gotten the infection.

Wellbeing specialists said India’s cases have been developing at a rate seen during the beginning periods of the flare-up in different nations, which in this way detailed exponential increments in contamination.

On Saturday, several individuals, numerous youngsters wearing covers and carrying knapsacks, jarred in long lines to board buses at Tiruvannamalai’s bus station.

Wellbeing pros state huge scope populace movements to rustic territories could rush the spread of coronavirus in India, a nation of 1.3 billion individuals with feeble general human services – particularly in the open country.

Featuring the hazard, the Ministry of Railways on Saturday tweeted that twelve individuals who had gone via train over the most recent couple of days had tried positive for COVID-19 on Friday.

“Travelers o Tiruvannamalai are encouraged to stay away from unimportant travel for the security of individual residents,” the service included.

The infection is underlining the troublesome exchange offs nations must make when attempting to contain the pandemic, with many expecting that India’s most unfortunate individuals will be seriously hit.

“A few people will pass on of the infection. All of us will kick the bucket of yearning,” said cabbie Suresh on a vacant Tiruvannamalai road, adding he would venture out toward the northern territory of Rihsikesh, where his family claims a little banana plantation.

Tiruvannamalai tourism has been going down slowly and foreign tourists are not coming to Tiruvannamalai anymore due to the curfew and will return to their countries soon.

All shops in Tiruvannamalai that depend on Tourists have been hit very hard this season.

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