Tips for foreign tourists to safely enjoy Tiruvannamalai’s party scene

Tiruvannamalai has a quiet but memorable nightlife scene, with a “something for every foreign tourist” mentality. There are few high end bars and eateries and private parties and music & kirtan venues for foreign tourists in Tiruvannamalai. But if you’re not careful, charges can add up quickly for everything from drink prices and cover charges to taxi fares back to your hotel or rental homes. To keep your tab low, here are 5 pointers that will help Tiruvannamalai tourism readers to save when heading out for a night on the town.

Dance to your own beat with quiet clubbing

1. Wine and beer, have no fear

Much like the rest of India from Goa to Delhi, party culture is a new phenomenon in Tiruvannamalai and pricey at a typical party place. Beer and wine are the usual orders and only cost a few Rupees.

If you are a beer person, stay away from pint orders. Bigger is not better in Tiruvannamalai drinking, and the average Indian beer will lose its freshness after any size above .33cl. If you’re going for vino order the house wine, that’s usually a nice Italian pick that’s smooth and easy to drink.

2. Rental scooter before auto rickshaws

 Use rental scooters for safety.Auto Rickshaws stop running at around midnight—even on weekends. This makes taxis your only option when returning from a night out. Night autos are also available, but not very practical for visitors staying in the city center.

If you can brave bicycling back to your hotel or hostel, be careful and cautious. Otherwise know a walkable route before you let a sobriety slip. In any case, getting a auto back means an early night out. Nightlife in Tiruvannamalai can begin relatively early however, so calling it quits around midnight isn’t the end of the world.Rent a scooter from Bhagavan scooters for your party in Tiruvannamalai.

3. The clubs less traveled

Tiruvannamalai’s party hubs are near Ramanashram and the Yogi ramsurath kumar ashram. Here you will find many small houses, most of them beckoning in the passersby with drink specials and a flashy storm of lights inside.

Here’s my big tip for parties in Tiruvannamalai: you look for the party, the party doesn’t look for you.

4. Live music lovers should think small

Tiruvannamalai has an amazing aura that draws national and international artists to the city on an nightly basis. If you’re lucky, many live musics and kirtans will be hosting your favorite band at a smaller price and in a more intimate setting than back home.

5. Don’t mix coffee shops with cafes and clubs

Let’s be honest, it’s easy to go overboard with partying in Tiruvannamalai. From the strong Indian beers to the heavy marijuana joints and magic mushrooms, your vice(s) can run amok here. To keep a night out fun and safe, don’t mix your party picks.

Know the basics. First, beers in Tiruvannamalai start at 5 percent alcohol by volume and can easily hit 9 percent when dipping into Indian wines. Be moderate with your partying, and you’ll be able to enjoy Tiruvannamalai party culture more extensively.

 Second, using drugs when you’re intoxicated leads to black outs and vomiting for many many people. We all know that many dumb ideas sound great when you’ve been drinking, and that’s one of them.Please dont use drugs in Tiruvannamalai

Third, consume liquor with caution. Those wanting to purchase alcohol at a liquorshop should inspect carefully what they buy. Many liquor shops in Tiruvannamalai have been caught lacing their products with chemicals and other substances to seem like a better deal.

Last, know that any hard drug that finds its way inside the parties of Tiruvannamalai are illegal, not regulated by the government, and the repercussions are serious. Have fun, but stay safe! After all Tiruvannamalai is a spiritual town.

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