Travel safety tips for unwary women & foreign tourists in Tiruvannamalai

Unwary sightseers in Tiruvannamalai can make obvious objectives for criminals since they catch everyone’s eye, are unused to their environment, and they can be robbed of cash, Visas and resources like cameras. You can lessen your danger of being robbed or burglarized by taking a couple of straightforward safety measures in Tiruvannamalai. It is a smart thought to inquire about the wellbeing of your proposed goal with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. This administration office keeps a refreshed notice on movement goals, covering components, for example, political turmoil or crimes that target vacationers. You could likewise talk with your trip specialist in Tiruvannamalai tourism, or converse with companions who have just visited your proposed goal.

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Travel security in Tiruvannamalai for solo female travelers and foreign women –

Proposals include:

Keep your itinerary items, including settlement subtleties, to yourself.

Try not to bum a ride.

Do whatever it takes not to go around evening time.

Maintain a strategic distance from ‘seedier’ regions of the urban communities you visit, particularly around evening time.

Approach your inn supervisor for details on ‘safe’ versus ‘perilous’ neighborhoods.

When in doubt, city lanes that incorporate youngsters and ladies propose the region is alright for families.

Convey with you consistently the contact subtleties of the Indian government office. On the off chance that you cannot get any help in Tiruvannamalai from your international embassy, discover which other nation’s consulate is accessible to support you, for example, the British or American government office.

Keep a copy of your identification and all other significant reports in a sheltered spot.

Use ATMs during the day, when there are individuals around.

Attempt to depend more on charge cards and voyagers checks than money.

In the event that you are robbed, don’t retaliate but shout and make a huge noise.

Stay away from episodes, for example, battles, riots or common unsettling influences consistently.

Transport security in Tiruvannamalai for foreign tourists and single female travelers

Proposals include:

At the Bus terminal, watch for your bag as there are many petty thieves everywhere in Tiru. Try not to wait and trust that the groups will scatter – you may find that another person has just taken your pack meanwhile.

Abstain from changing cash at unknown money exchange shops in Tiruvannamalai, as cheats could be watching you.

Talk with your lodging administrator or traveler data focus about the open vehicle in your general vicinity. Ensure you recognize what authority taxis resemble. A cheat may act like a cab driver to bait you into their vehicle.

Try not to impart cabs to outsiders.

Carjacking is an issue in certain urban areas. When driving, keep all entryways bolted and windows up. Ensure your boot is bolted as well.

Lodging and guest house safety and security in Tiruvannamalai

Recommendations include:

In the event that conceivable, pick settlement that has plain ‘swipe cards’ instead of numbered keys for each room. In the event that you lose your swipe card or on the off chance that it is taken, the hoodlum won’t realize which space to burglarize.

Observe crisis exits, flights of stairs, fire breaks and crisis plans, in the event that something goes wrong.

Continuously lock your inn entryway while turning in. On the off chance that there is a chain included, use it.

When masterminding to meet individuals you’ve never met, (for example, business partners), hang tight for them in the anteroom. Try not to request that they come up to your room.

Try not to captivate everyone when voyaging

Proposals include:

Regardless of whether you don’t know where you’re going, walk like you have a reason.

Match your dress style to that of local people in Tiruvannamalai.Try not to wear a self-evident ‘visitor’ outfit like a noisy shirt with a camera threw around your neck.

Be attentive when guide perusing.

Notice the individuals around you. Be watchful in the event that somebody is by all accounts taking in excess of a passing interest.

Try not to make yourself an alluring objective when voyaging in Tiruvannamalai

Recommendations include:

Try not to wear costly ornaments of gold and precious sstones on evident presentation.

Wear assets, (for example, voyager’s checks and Visas) on a belt worn under the garments and close to the skin.

In the case of feeling especially helpless, wear your cash belt some place other than around your abdomen. Criminals thoroughly understand cash belts as well.

Consider conveying a ‘sham’ wallet holding a limited quantity of money. On the off chance that you are legitimately stood up to by a mugger, you can hand over the fake wallet and stay away from further misery.

Be careful with tricks when voyaging in Tiruvannamalai

Cheats devise imaginative approaches to loot you. A portion of these may include:

Beggars and people acting as if they are poor and sick

Acting like a cop and approaching to check your cash for fake bills.

Acting like a visit guide and offering to show you the sights of the city.

Slipping narcotic medications into your nourishment or drink.

Criminals in various urban areas will in general kindness various tricks. Ask your lodging chief or nearby vacationer data official for more data.

Where to find support in Tiruvannamalai

Tiruvannamalai Tourism –

Your Trip specialist

Foreign Consulates

Neighborhood police

Things to recollect while touring in Tiruvannamalai

Research the security of your proposed goal with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Convey with you consistently the contact subtleties of the Australian consulate.

For state-of-the-art data on ‘protected’ and ‘dangerous’ territories of the city, talk with your lodging supervisor or neighborhood vacationer data official.

Attempt to mix in with local people and abstain from looking or acting like a visitor.

Women tourists and Foreign tourists in Tiruvannamalai must be vigilant against rape.

Beware of agents,guides,auto rickshaw & taxi drivers,guest house managers,hotel attendants & supervisors and all other small time people.

For any help contact

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