Tips to avoid beggars while visiting Tiruvannamalai & The reason to avoid them !

Tiruvannamalai, a town of more than 200,000 individuals, is home to an expected 10,000 ‘poor people’, individuals who make a living by approaching foreign tourists and travelers visiting Tiruvannamalai for cash or food out in the open spaces. Many are youngsters, female or the old. An enormous number are truly scams. From foreign travelers to Indian tourists in Tiruvannamalai encountering this side of the town every day can, and should, be a reason for incredible misery, concern and reflection.

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When talking about individuals who beg in Tiruvannamalai, above all else, it is basic to perceive their mankind. We are not discussing an issue like contamination or traffic. We are not discussing unimportant numbers or measurements. We are discussing people.All that isolates their circumstance from our own is the lottery of birth, and we should continually help ourselves to remember this. Tiruvannamalai being a spiritual and religious town has more beggars as tourists tend to be kind and give money to help these beggars.

There is no correct way, only a differing level of wrong ones

Be that as it may, what is the best reaction to somebody asking for cash on road in Tiruvannamalai ? We have lived in Tiruvannamalai for over two years now and have been considering and talking about this theme all through our remain. We’ve reached hardly any inferences other than that there is no “right way”, simply shifting degrees of wrong ones. All things considered, here are a couple of things to consider as you decide how you actually will react when you are traveling in Tiruvannamalai.

Motivations to think about not giving

Giving can feel better: you are carrying out something worth being thankful for and you are helping, so why not give? This is undoubtedly additionally the speediest, least demanding and best approach to reduce the blame and power of the circumstance. In any case, there are a few motivations to reevaluate providing for individuals who ask thusly:

It makes reliance. By giving, you are fortifying the conduct. This makes asking a reasonable calling and can mean youngsters are kept out of school to ask.

It sustains the ‘white friend in need complex’: Westerner tourists in Tiruvannamalai should be particularly cautious about the proliferating the white rescuer complex. Different nations issues can be so natural to scold and improve and after hundreds of years under the British Raj and standing framework it’s significant not to strengthen such obsolete convictions.

It makes asking a suitable income stream for the mafia in Tiruvannamalai: Indeed they are now included. However, this point outlines how troublesome this choice is. Does the inclusion of the mafia change the central inquiry we are thinking about? Toward the day’s end the condition is unaltered: a kindred human who has been abandoned by our general public needs assistance. It could even be contended that individuals who ask that have been co-selected by the mafia are in reality in more noteworthy need of help-they don’t get the chance to keep the entirety of the cash they get.

The above contentions are the reason we don’t permit anything to be given out during our tour in Tiruvannamalai. Benefits rather go to the network that help the poor people in Tiruvannamalai.

The other options

For some travelers and tourists in Tiruvannamalai, the craving to give is fueled by a mind boggling feeling of blame and the explicit foul play of the circumstance. Above all, we find before us a kindred human needing assistance. Obviously there are various motivations to quit giving presents in the city. Be that as it may, what are the other options? Also, would they say they are any better?

Bolster a neighborhood NGO in Tiruvannamalai: A progressively organized and key approach to address the issue of asking can be to help a nearby NGO. It additionally permits you to give all the more namelessly and selflessly. The drawback? This doesn’t address the quick need of the person before you. It doesn’t ease their affliction and picking a compelling NGO can require broad research (something we would like to consider in a future blog entry).

Give in-kind: Give garments, give café extrasin Tiruvannamalai, give natural product or multivitamins (don’t give desserts – while it may deliver your longing to give and pleasure the kids you offer them to – it additionally spoils their teeth). Giving some different option from cash can go around the issue of cash not setting off to the individual you are attempting to help. All things considered, it is likewise critical to think about whether what you give is socially proper. In the event that the eatery extras are as per the individual’s religion. In the event that the garments are fit for reason and fitting. Lastly, we should again consider in case we’re despite everything making reliance and strengthening a feeling of mediocrity.

Try not to give: Many tourists in Tiruvannamalai don’t give. They comfort themselves with hypothesis that the individual asking is there because of terrible decisions they have made, sedate reliance, since they are too languid to even consider working professionally or that they are ‘experts’ in cheating. The drawback? While an awesome method to vindicate ourselves of any sort of blame, these accounts are quite often false!

To finish up with this topic of beggars in Tiruvannamalai (if doing so is even conceivable), we should not overlook the blame and disgrace evoked inside us when we are gone up against with the disparity and shamefulness of society. We should recognize the basic humankind that ties us, and treat others with lowliness and sympathy. Tiruvanamalai travel must be utilized in spiritual commitments and tourists in Tiruvannamalai must not fall a prey to the beggars for whom the government of India help a lot.But the beggars dont want to work and rather keep begging from tourists in Tiruvannamalai

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