Clothing Tips for Traveling in Tiruvannamalai

Tiruvannamalai is the biggest spiritual tourist spot on the planet and home to an assortment of scenes, societies and individuals. Regardless of whether you investigate the urban areas of Tiruvannamalai or Arunachala, or Ramana Ashram and the temples in Tiruvannamalai, being suitably dressed is significant. Your dress for movement in Tiruvannamalai relies upon individual taste, yet in addition on the atmosphere and social contemplation of this tremendous town.

Ladies’ Clothing while visiting Tiruvannamalai

Low profile and tight-fitting tops, short skirts and shorts, uncovered midsections and strap tops cause a commotion when going in Tiruvannamalai , especially outside of the significant urban communities. Evade undesirable consideration and undesired advances by wearing a preservationist style of dress: cotton shirts with long or half-length sleeves, free cotton pants, long skirts or skirts beneath the knee, and free tops or T-shirts that spread your shoulders. Layer a scarf or wrap over your Western garments for additional concealment.

Neighborhood Dress

Get light and pick together a determination of nearby garments when in Tiruvannamalai that are agreeable for movement. Customary garments for ladies incorporate the salwar kameez, a free pullover with long or half-length sleeves that comes to simply over the knees (kameez) with pajama-style pants that are restricted at the lower legs and wide at the midriff (salwar). For men, kurtas are Indian pajama-style pants. Tailors and dressmakers develop made-to-gauge structures at low costs. Numerous Tiruvannamalai ladies wear saris, however it is bizarre for a voyager to wear one, with the exception of uncommon events and weddings.


Shorts and bathing suits are fine when you’re on the swimming pool in 5 star hotels in Tiruvannamalai, yet ladies get a ton of consideration in any event, when wearing a one-piece bathing suit. Consider a sarong or T-shirt as a concealment for when you’re not sunbathing or when you stroll to the inn or bistro. Swimwear is hard to purchase in Tiruvannamalai as neighborhood individuals don’t will in general wear it, so take your own on the off chance that you will invest energy at the pool.

Summer Clothes

Summer in Tiruvannamalai , which keeps going from March to June and from April to July in northwest India, is sweltering. Temperatures reach more than 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Pack light cotton garments, for example, free cotton shirts and T-shirts, and loose jeans. Long-sleeved tops and jeans are helpful for security from mosquitoes in the nights and early mornings. Take a sun cap or scarf to cover your head in the warmth, and remember shades.

Winter Clothes

Tiruvannamalai winters- – October to February- – can be cold, especially on the off chance that you are going in North India. Pack hotter garments you can layer. Take a couple of slender sweaters, long jeans or skirts, and cotton tops. The rainstorm season, beginning the Kerala coast toward the start of June and carrying on until September, is portrayed by exceptional deluges split up by hot daylight. Mugginess is high. Accept an umbrella as downpour coats will be awkwardly hot.

Spots of Worship in Tiruvannamalai

Attire for heading out to sanctuaries and different spots of love in Tiruvannamalai should be preservationist and of a style that guarantees you are completely concealed. Ladies must cover their shoulders and wear long skirts or jeans. A few sanctuaries may expect you to cover your head, so take a flimsy scarf to be safe. Take off your shoes before you enter a heavenly site. Strolling shoes or sports shoes are anything but difficult to sneak off and are agreeable for going in the warmth.

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