Tips to foreign women tourists for remaining safe in Tiruvannamalai  

Tips for remaining safe in Tiruvannamalai

• Firstly, follow the self-evident — don’t travel alone in Tiruvannamalai around evening time.

Most of my own encounters with flashers have originated from shark men on the sides of roads in dreary streets.

• Use ladies only services where conceivable.

On occasion I have been excessively difficult. In Tiruvannamalai, there are ladies just carriages and on past events, I have thought rebelliously to myself; “Ladies’ carriages? I don’t should be taken care of! I will go in the blended carriages; I will show that I am not terrified of any man!”

I presently acknowledge that the ladies’ carriages are there for an explanation, and as an outsider, it just makes life much simpler. On the off chance that there are none, put forth an attempt to stand either approach families, couples or the exit.

• Filter your eye to eye connection.

I additionally understand that grinning at individuals can be a dazzling method of beginning fellowships, however by and by, I have to channel who I grin at with more idea. Families with youngsters, ladies and young ladies or innocuous adolescents are still fine, however I am certainly pausing for a minute or two longer to evaluate how I feel about the men.

• Don’t be reluctant to make some noise.

On the off chance that you are feeling awkward, tell somebody. I was once in a train station when a man moved toward me and began feeling my bum. I shouted the station down, hollering at him and signaling to others what he was doing. He was immediately eliminated and everybody in the region began saying ‘sorry’ for his benefit.

Regardless of whether you need to feign, report that you are reaching the police. Where conceivable, find a cop and report it.

• Don’t be reluctant to state no.

Some portion of Tiruvannamalai’s appeal are the individuals who need to be your closest companions — and subsequently, will request your telephone number or to be companions on Facebook. I met a person yesterday who was on edge and needed guidance on the most proficient method to manage this. He wasn’t happy with sharing that data yet didn’t have a clue how to state no. Folks, it is alright to state no.

You don’t have to give an explanation; an amenable yet firm refusal is adequate. In the event that you feel more good lying and saying that you don’t have Facebook, at that point so be it — do what you feel great with and don’t feel compelled.

• Remember the positive qualities in individuals.

Regardless of how terrible the day has been, or how baffled you feel, it’s so imperative to recall that in each nation there are acceptable and awful individuals. For each man that has flashed me, there are incalculable other people who have taken the hour of day to ensure I’m on the correct train, to assist me with finding the guesthouse I’ve lost the location for, to let me acquire their telephone, to offer me lunch when I gaze took care of upward.

In particular — don’t let one individual ruin your general understanding of a spot.

I understand most of this post focuses a quite dreary light on Tiruvannamalai. I guarantee it isn’t all similar to this; and I would prefer not to put anybody off resulting in these present circumstances amazing nation. There are along these lines, so a lot more awesome individuals and magnificent encounters than the (strict) wankers out there.

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